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Zhang Wun Wan portfolio


《章紋宛作品集》這件作品,我將台灣傳統的「按摩器」增加了台座、去除了實用性,放置於公共藝術會設置的場所,藉由影像觀看的方式與現成物(ready-made)的身分轉換,提出我對雕塑部分的觀察與見解。作品中「章紋宛」這個名字,取自我的名字「張文菀」的諧音,是因選擇的物件是沒有人稱的、沒有太多的我去做的造型變化,以「挪用」(appropriation)與「引渡 套入」的方式表達我的想法;而作品集的形式,從觀看藝術品的位置轉向閱讀,試圖讓觀眾看到的不是由傳統雕塑產生的物質 成品,而是雕塑的概念,由出版印刷的雕塑,表達虛擬空間中實體雕塑的觀念,思考什麼是雕塑的樣子?反思公共藝術?中的雕塑能夠是什麼樣子?

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In the process of creating "Zhang Wun Wan Portfolio," I removed the function of traditional massage tools by adding pedestals to them and then photoshopped the images of them with where public art usually located. Viewers are able to observe the identity transformation of the ready-made through paper-based portfolio.

The naming of this work "Zhang Wun Wan Portfolio" is the pinyin that sounds like my real name "Chang Wen Woan." It was named this way because the look of those massage tools wasn’t originally designed by me and I didn’t make a big change of them. I basically took them as they were and made them look like artworks from someone named "Zhang Wun Wan."

As for the form of the work, I intended to make this work in paper-based format to make viewers focus on the concept of a public art without observing an actual one, and to make them think of what is public art and its value?

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